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How to Care Your Hair?

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tempo de atualização : 2015-12-16 16:42:00
I believe that all of the ladies and many of the gentlemen here wish to have silky, healthy hair; thus i will share some techniques that you could take care of it. Firstly, it is very important to clean your scalp and hair. Try not to wash your hair too frequent, you know that would cause the over-drying of the scalp which in turn causes dandruff to form. About two to three times per week is a good number. When you wash your hair, massage your scalp gently and don't use your fingernails. After one of two washes with shampoo, it is best to put on some hair conditioner as well; it can make your hair a lot smoother and shinier. You must also choose the correct shampoo and conditioner that suits your type of hair; but if you are not sure, just choose one that is for "normal" hair. And lastly, let your hair grow in a sustainable way so that split ends don't occur; if they do, take out a pair of scissors and clip them away. I believe that we have a good job in nursing for our hair; it would be more and more beautiful.